Scarad and Thot made their decision to leave Maat and we totally understand and respect their choice to go a new path!

We all knew before what will happen and talked about this for months….so…We had a long journey together but time brings change in life. And so personalities and priorities are changing….
We are friends and we will always be. Good bye, guys from the rest ov us!

Some words from Scarad:

“Maat matters every time and beyond…

…because it’s the principle of balance all over!
In that case, it may sound controversial, but I’ll try to explain…

I’ve decided to leave the band some month ago. So yesterday I played my last show together with my beloved band mates. It really was no easy decision to leave this huge bunch of experience and memories behind. But it feels completely right to go this way. If I look on to the last 8 years, there’s one thing I can definitely say: Live’s never stop changing!
And that’s the cause.
MAAT is the deity of truth, balance and harmony, and to be sincere to this concept it is the right way for to leave the band.
There are so much things that have changed in my live, I have grown inside a lot and want to face new things that have become more important for me.

I don’t want to miss to tell you how much I appreciate the support I got from you the last few years. I met so many people who made this way so fucking awesome, this lies far beyond words. I want to thank all of you!!!

The tattooed band logo on my arm is a sign of honor for me. It reminds me that this will always be a part of me.

I bow to you my friends!
Thank you!


We are currently working with some musicians who will help us out for upcoming shows.