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Maat on Tour


Blackland Berlin

Germany, Berlin

HOT - Alte Bude

Germany, Karl-Schmidt-Straße 12, 39104 Magdeburg

Official pre-selling of new Album started!

From today, you can order our new album “Monuments Will Enslave” in our official online shop, right here! A limited box version will follow soon. We’ll do our very best to send it in time, so that it hopefully will arrive exactly on the date of the release, March 3rd 2017. We kindly ask for […]

Release Date and Release Show Announced

Our upcoming album “Monuments Will Enslave” will be released March 3rd 2017! We are going to celebrate this with an extraordinary record release show on March 4th at Blackland Metal Bar, Berlin, Germany. We are proud to be supported by our friends CYTOTOXIN from Chemnitz, Germany, who will destroy the venue eith their excellent brutal […]

We recently published a lyric video for the promotion track of our upcoming Album “Monunments Will Enslave”, enjoy!

New Album: Artwork, Title and Tracklist Preview

It´s been a long journey to put everything together and it took much longer time than we´ve expected in the beginning but there we go…. This will be “Monuments Will Enslave” tracklist: 1. March For A Dying God 2. The Divine Slaughtering Of Mankind 3. Imhotep – Thy Architect 4. Defeating Gods 5. Funeral Eulogy […]

New album scheduled

In November, Maat again visits Jörg Uken’s Soundlodge Studios to record the second full-length album. Since a couple of months, we are working on new material, and it seems to go beyond the stuff we ever played before. But don’t worry, it is still Egyptian Death Metal. At least we are very excited, so are […]

Promo Tracks