The “Born In Sand” EP is our Debut-Release wich was released in October 2010. It contains the first songs wich was written in early 2010.

Produced by Pivo-Production this EP was only selled by the band.

In physical form it was limited to 200 pieces, which was sold out in the end of 2012.

The song “Sobek” should get its reincarnation. We\’re re-recorded “Sobek” in the Soundlodge Studio during the recordings of  “As We Create The The Hope From Above”

After you succesfully paid your order you will get an email which contains the download link. Otherwise you can do this from your account on this website.


  1. Uraeus’ Breath
  2. Sobek
  3. Disciple Ov Maat
  4. End this Empire

Cover artwork including.