Maat is a Death Metal band from Berlin, Germany that flavors Death Metal with sounds and themes of the ancient Egypt.

Founded in November 2009, MAAT first was just an idea of guitarists Scaradeus and Felix W, to combine Death Metal with the ancient Egypt. With the first complete line-up with Thot on vocals,
Friedel S. on bass and Hendrik „Tempest“ W. on drums MAAT recorded the first EP “Born In Sand” which was released in October 2010. From 2011 MAAT was more and more around on club shows, support gigs and festivals in Germany and Poland.

In April of 2013, with “Horus” on Bass and Alex “Em-Ra” on lead guitar, MAAT recorded their first full length album “As We Create The Hope From Above” at the Soundlodge Studios (used also
by Bands like God Dethroned, Dew Scented, Defeated Sanity and many more), and realeased it in May of 2014, after deciding to sign with the label Aural Attack Productions. Meanwhile, Alex “Em-Ra” left the band after the recordings and got replaced by “Morguloth“ for guitar duties. Two years, a Germany tour with Six Feet Under and a bunch of shows and festivals in 8 different countries later, it was time to record the second full length album. So MAAT again entered the Soundlodge Studios in autumn 2015 to record “Monuments Will Enslave”, which has been released in March 2017, also by Aural Attack Productions. Meanwhile again, MAAT played several shows and festivals in 5 different countries.

In February 2018, founder Scaradeus and long time lead vocalist Thot decided to leave MAAT as friends. With new musicians, MAAT now is creating new material and discovering new influences to their music style.