Maat is a Death Metal band from Berlin, Germany and we’ll flavor Death Metal with sounds and themes of the ancient Egypt.

Driven by their strong affinity to Egyptian mythology and Heavy Music, Felix and Franko founded “Maat” in 2009, a band that combines ancient melodic motives with the raw power of Death Metal.

In 2010 the band found its drummer in the person of Hendrik. With the arrival of Kris, Maat was granted its deep growling voice; while Friedel’s bass playing completed the band’s formation.

Maat began working on their debut EP; within a short time the band entered the studio to record their first four tracks …and by the end of October 2010 “Born In Sand” saw the light of day.

After touring a few months, Friedel departed from the band and Felix chose to focus entirely on his acoustic music project.

In 2011 Alex replaced Felix as guitarist bringing a lot of new inspiration into the band. Maat became complete again with the advent of its new bass player No-L, whose skills and personality matched perfectly with the rest of the band.

In its present line-up Maat already performed several devastating gigs and is currently writing new material for the upcoming album.

In April 2013 we will enter the “Soundlodge”-Studio to record the stuff for our first full length album. They also recorded bands like “God Dethroned”, “Dew Scented” or “Defeated Sanity”.


Current lineup:

Vocals: Thoth
Guitar: Morguloth
Guitar: Scaradeus
Bass: Horus
Drums : Tempest